Exedy Stage 5 Triple Disk Clutch (2004-2015 Subaru STI) 766 FT LBS

Exedy Stage 5 Triple Disk Clutch (2004-2015 Subaru STI) 766 FT LBS
Brand: Exedy
Product Code: FM023SB
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Exedy Stage 5 Triple Disk Clutch (2004-2015 Subaru STI) 766 FT LBS
Price: $2,852.00
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For high-power applications that require the most, Exedy Clutch has you covered! This triple disk works well as a street/drag/road/or rally clutch. We prefer the Exedy Triple for drag racing because it is excellent at dissapating heat while retaining drive ability. Please see our HD clutch for extreme drag use.

  • Part #: EXE FM023SB
  • Warranty: 90 Day Manufacture
  • Disc Material: Cerametallic
  • Disc Style: Solid
  • Disc Type: Multiple Disk
  • Flywheel Included: Yes
  • Pilot Bearing Included: No
  • Pressure Plate Style: Pull 
  • Throwout Bearing Included: No
  • Alignment Tool Included: Yes
  • Torque Capacity: 766 WTQ

Some Features:

Cerametallic Friction Disc EXEDY Exclusive Friction Composition 6-pad design High friction coefficient material Designed for low wear and high heat resistance Heavy Duty hardened, spring damper Heavy Duty bonding agents retain clutch material Generally smaller and thinner to reduce weight Reduced weight = lower inertia = quicker shifting, less wear and tear on synchros Forged Aluminum Cover Average of 100% increase in clamp load over stock Extra capacity holds street/race car power upgrades Billet pressure plate far stiffer than stamped-type Incredible strength means no clamp-load deflection Integrated turbine-like fins enhance airflow, keeping clutch assembly cooler and will help extend life Some applications available SD or HD clamping configurations to match wheel torque numbers Forged Chromoly Flywheel Combination of low weight and high heat capacity Designed for Rally, Drag and hi-performance Street Reduced weight and inertia means snappier throttle response and quicker shifting Designed to increase airflow to help cooling (most) One-piece flywheel - starter teeth machined in place Unlike aluminum flywheel, ring gear cannot separate Unlike aluminum flywheel, friction surface can’t warp May be resurfaced for future clutch service Tested up to 18,000 rpm without failure All EXEDY Chromoly Flywheels are SFI approved

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