Injector Dynamics ID1050x Nissan GTR (2009+)

Injector Dynamics ID1050x Nissan GTR (2009+)
Brand: Injector Dynamics
Product Code: ID1050.48.14.R35.6
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Injector Dynamics ID1050x Nissan GTR (2009+)
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Ask any reputable tuner what their preferred injector is…
Injector Dynamics is the answer you will get almost every time. 

Boost Controlled Performance is proud to offer the ID1000: The choice injector for moderate horsepower cars. After all, who doesn’t like a 600+whp car that idles and drives like it’s stock? When choosing a critical component like a fuel injector, you want to make sure you go with some of the best injectors on the market- and ID delivers. Don't Forget: Plug and Play connectors! ID updates their whole lineup to include stainless steel injectors that resist corrosion from Ethanol and other fuels, improving reliability and power when running E85. 

  • Part Number: ID1050.48.14.R35.6
  • Warranty: 12 Month Manufacture
  • Limited Nominal Flow Rate: 1065cc/min @ 3.0 Bar (43.5 psi) Using Gasoline at 52 Degrees C (125 Degrees F)
  • Max. Fuel Pressure: 7.0 Bar (145.0 psi)
  • Fuel Compatibility: Compatible With All Known Fuels
  • Harness Connector: USCAR (Plug and Play ID90.3)
  • These Injector Dynamics fuel injectors will fit many applications, including, but not limited to:

    2009+ Nissan 370Z, VQ37, VQ3V7HR
  • 2009+ Nissan GT-R VR38


The ID1050 was the first offering from Injector Dynamics, and was also the first to offer a number of innovative features to the motorsport community. This series of innovations and "firsts" have made it the most popular - and most copied - injector on the market today. With a maximum pressure capability of 7 bar and smooth response at low flow, this is a versatile injector that will be at home in many different applications. From high power high boost daily drivers, to NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycles and record setting turbo road race sedans, the ID1000 set the standard and marked the beginning of a new era in fuel injector performance.

  • The first injector offered with full dynamic characterization providing tuners with the data they needed to do their job properly.
  • The first injector to be offered in dead time matched sets.
  • The first high impedance high flow injector available providing stock idle and drivability on engines as small as 325cc per cylinder.
  • The first injector offered with the now standard "Top Hat Adapter" making it plug and play in nearly any application.

Plug n’ Play Data 
Are you tired of pouring over logs, making corresponding changes to your tune, only to find that what worked one day is off by the next? Have you wasted hours sifting through a myriad of injector related forum posts, only to find that there is no simple solution? Such is the nature of tuning with inaccurate injector data. Accurate injector characterizations are the basis of all fueling calculations, so it’s no wonder that if you’re tuning without them, you will spend a lot of valuable time making the best of a bad situation. It will keep you busy searching for endless combinations of mostly incorrect answers, and it will rob you of the most basic functions provided by the guys who spent millions of R&D dollars designing the engine management system for your car. Whether you are a professional tuner, or an end user, you can spend countless hours getting it “mostly correct” or you can copy and paste accurate characterization tables and get on with the job of maximizing performance and drivability.

Injector Dynamics is the only motorsport injector supplier capable of generating these OEM quality injector characterizations, and our engineering services are available to generate data for new platforms and applications at no cost to our customers. We welcome the opportunity to provide solutions where none previously existed, and it is this commitment to value and innovation that has earned us our position as the industry leader. Remember that next time you hear “The same as Injector Dynamics but cheaper.”

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